How It Works

KinkBNB was created to connect guests to hosts with playspaces around the world. We recently made the switch to a subscription based model, to better create a community for our users. A subscription gets you unlimited messaging and connections with any one of over 310 playspaces in 50 different countries.


Guests can either use the beta test booking software interface we provide, or just directly contact the hosts and arrange their own payment. Using KinkBNB provides an escrow service that hosts and guests be assured that the money for the booking is there without the possibility of it going away. Any transaction that we process through our system has fees as well - we take 3-5% of the host's charge and we add a fee between 7 and 10% charged solely to the guest.


You can still use KinkBNB for free! To get started as a guest, click on "EXPLORE" above! Feel free to browse our listings! And if the host is using our booking system you can even reserve a space if you save a credit card with us, no need for a subscription.

Why We Do It This Way

In the three years we've been in operation, we've learned a lot of things. We've learned that communication is king in these transactions, and that trust needs to be established before any transaction ever goes through. This isn't like AirBNB nor should it be.

Welcome to KinkBNB!